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LineUp-lite is an extension of the excellent react-table library for rendering beautiful interactive table visualizations based on the LineUp ranking visualization technique.

Relation to react-table

LineUp-lite is an extension to but also wrapper of react-table depending on the used abstraction level. @lineup-lite/hooks provide extensions to react-table such as additional React hooks and custom renderers. @lineup-lite/table provides a wrapper around react-table providing a single LineUp-like React table component.

Relation to LineUp.js

LineUp-lite is the small, lite, but customizable nephew of LineUp.js. LineUp.js is a comprehensive JavaScript library, providing numerous advanced ranking features and scalability. However, in most cases, only a fraction of the provided features are needed and used. In addition, new custom features are often required.

This is where LineUp-lite jumps in. LineUp-lite is a React library written in TypeScript providing a several abstraction levels ranging ranging from LineUpLite - a ready to use ranking table visualization - over custom react-table hooks and renderers, down to individual components such as Histogram or BoxPlot.