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a LineUp implementation based on react-table

Based on react-table

Based on react-table

LineUp-lite is an extension and is based on react-table, a light-weight, headless React data table library.

Inspired by IEEEVIS publication

LineUp-lite is inspired on the award winning paper Visual Analysis of Multi-Attribute Rankings by Gratzl et. al. and is the lightweight nephew of LineUp.js.

Multiple abstraction levels

LineUp-lite supports three abstraction levels. Ranging from individual components, over react-table hooks, to a ready-to-use LineUpLite React component.

Flexible interactive filtering

Columns can be interactively filtered based on the column type using the column header.

Various proven visual encodings

Proven visual visualizations for cells, aggregations, and summaries, such as Bars, Histograms, and Boxplots.

Written in TypeScript

Written in TypeScript

Developed using latest web technologies and written in clean TypeScript.